June Stationery Box Sneak Peek: Meet the Charming Characters

I just can't get this next Tea + Toast Club box out of my mind. A bit of a weird thing to say about a stationery box, isn't it? Like even in my sleep I’m thinking about Henry and his friends (remember it’s called Henry + Co!) and the little stories they have going on.

I am feeling rather Beatrix Potterish, and I am enjoying it ever so much. Did you hear that slight English accent? Ooooh, now I’m sounding like her too! Dreams do come true!

So, before you read and look on, please know that there are some spoilers ahead BUT not too many. There will be a lot in the box that will be a lovely surprise for subscribers to unravel once they get theirs, but I do completely understand if you would rather keep it all as a surprise. Now’s your opportunity to look away. 

Look away now if you are a subscriber who would like the complete surprise! 

Okey doke, I think that’s enough warning now;)

If you’re still with me, and you’re sneaky peeking along, I’m going to share some more down there, so scroll on down and enjoy some more details about the adorable characters who are making their debut in the June box.

 In my last blog post I shared a little about Henry, and the community garden, and how he, and his friends, meet together in the winter months, inside the little glasshouse that Henry built from the recycled timber windows he’d been collecting.

Today I wanted to introduce you to some more of Henry’s friends, and give you a teency weency snippet of the things they like to do.

Here we go.

Herb loves to make tea. All sorts of teas. Teas for sleep. Teas for headaches. Teas for the tummy, and tea because it is such a comforting thing to make, and hold, and share, and sip. 

Florence loves to make lamingtons for Sundays at the Community Garden. She uses the very same recipe that her gran used when Florence was a little girl. She has fond memories of those days in Gran’s kitchen, mixing and beating and chattering away.

Like Florence, Felix loves to cook. Every Sunday Felix makes soup for the friends to enjoy together at the end of their busy day in the garden. He loves to use bits and pieces they have grown in the garden; whatever is in season.

Elsie is the glue that holds the group together. She is kind and careful with her words. She cares deeply for each one of them and she always finds the right things to say. She would happily do everything - from the cooking, cleaning, lifting, digging, she’d do it all if she could. But this group of friends know Elsie all too well, and they won’t allow her to over-do herself, as she so often does in life. Instead, they encourage Elsie to not do much at all in the way of tasks, because they know that Elsie’s gift to them, and Sundays at the garden, are her words. They are enough to brighten even the cloudiest of days. But it’s impossible to stop Elsie from offering food to her friends. It’s her love language too!


Now, I know what you’re thinking: You haven’t told us anything about the actual stationery! You’re right, I haven’t. Let me assure you though, that this box, full of these lovely characters, is most certainly about the stationery. There will be adorable writing papers, cards, stickers, envelopes, letter writing prompts, and more. Just like there always is, but this time they will feature Henry Winter and Co. Along with all of the usual stationery goodies, there will be some other little surprises that I have a feeling you are going to really enjoy;)

If you’d like to know more about subscribing to the stationery boxes, you can pop over here.

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