Dear Nan: Starting a Heartfelt Letter Writing Project

 I’ve been working on the letters to my Nan project. Do you remember me telling you about that? My newsletter subscribers would, I'm sure.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to call it Dear Nan. What do you think of that name?

It’s been in the making for well and truly over a year now, and I feel that I’m getting closer to being able to start sharing it with you, and the world, but I really do want to give you a little glimpse of it first, and to ask you some questions too. But firstly, here’s a reminder of what it is …

Dear Nan will likely be a subscription filled with letters and memorabilia, from a grand daughter, to her Nan who has recently died. It's a heartfelt way to bridge the distance and feel close, even after she's gone. It’s about Nan, and the stories of her life, but it’s also about me. It’s essence is based on the precious bond between us, and the connection I had with her for my 50 years of living.

Yes, it will sometimes be about grief, but it will also contain big dollops of nostalgia, and connection, and relationships, and childhood, and memories, and oh so much love. And amongst it all will be plenty of laughs because that’s what there’s always been between my nan and I  - so much laughter.

You can expect plenty of cosy, and some, funny, funny moments; there’ll be plenty more questions from me, and possibly even some answers. As well as the conversations I have had with Nan over my lifetime, there will also be snippets from stories told by a multitude of family members and friends, as I piece it all together and continue connecting with this most amazing woman through these letters.

Here’s what I would love from you, once you’ve read the first small snippet:

* I’d love your thoughts and feedback on it as a subscription.

* I’d love to know if it feels like something you’d be interested in reading on a regular basis?

* I’d like to talk about a price too. I know that may feel a little awkward, but it’s a consideration regardless, isn’t it?

Before I share a tiny snippet of it with you this morning, I also wanted to let you in on the other parts of it that I’d like to include, and how it might work as a subscription.

My thoughts are that it will be something that comes out monthly, straight to your inbox. As it will be in a digital letter style, there will be a couple (at least) of letters each month. Or perhaps it will be a subscription you recieve in the mail box? I would also like to include some extras to go with it.

Here are the things I’m thinking of including, and I’d love your thoughts on these too:

• Something illustrated by my son, Lew. It might be an illustrated piece of writing paper or something more substantial based on the letters.

I have hope that one day, Lew and I will turn some of this into a printed version, on real paper, that we can hold, and turn the actual pages of.

• A photo or two.

• A recipe or copy of a real letter, or something from my Nan’s collection of memorabilia, relevant to the letters I’m writing.

• An audio version of the letters so you can listen if you’d prefer that.

While you're thinking about all of that, please continue onto the next blog post where I will share a snippet of Dear Nan with you.