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The Tea & Toast Stationery Subscription Box in Australia

Sip, Scribble & Savour

There's an unparalleled comfort found in the ritual of a morning tea paired with the crispness of fresh toast. At Betty Mae Wrote, we've sought to capture this essence of warmth, comfort and nostalgia in our Tea & Toast Stationery Subscription Box. Much like the gentle aroma of tea wafting through the air and the delicious smells of toasted bread, our curated box promises to infuse your writing moments with a sense of peace and homeliness.

Every item inside is thoughtfully chosen to evoke those cosy mornings, when time seems to stand still, and the world fades away, leaving just you, your tea, your toast, a pen, and your thoughts. Be it the delicate parchment reminiscent of vintage teapots or the whimsical stickers that spark memories of breakfast nooks and sunlit corners, each piece in the Tea & Toast collection brings you closer to those cherished moments of slow.

Embrace the art of heartfelt writing, and connect with loved ones through the humble letter box using gorgeous, unique,  illustrated Betty Mae Wrote stationery. 

Letters Steeped in Warmth & Flavour

In the same way that every tea blend has its unique notes and character, so too does every item in our Tea & Toast Stationery Subscription Box. Every two months, subscribers are treated to a delightful assortment of letter writing goodies that reflect the cosiness and comfort of a warm cup of tea.

Each box has a theme reflecting the simple things in life that bring us joy. My son, Lew, 24, is the artist behind the subscription, and I am the designer and curator. Many of the themes used to create Tea + Toast Club boxes come from stories of my life here in the hinterland hills of the Far South Coast of NSW.

Home features a lot. Scenes depicting our cute farm animal pets, my vintage collecting, the garden and my obsession with flowers, baking and creating, and of course that humble cup of tea (of which I am continually sipping).

Each subscription box is a surprise of stationery goodies, with hints along the way (if you follow me on social media or read my newsletter each week). There is always writing paper because, well, that's a staple, isn't it? And of course there are pretty matching envelopes too. Amongst those can be found stickers, letter writing prompts, and always, always an extra treat or two. Perhaps a fancy pen, or maybe a wax stamp, or washi tape, or a rubber stamp. The list is endless of what might be inside.  

With the Tea & Toast Stationery Subscription Box, allow your letters to be an embodiment of those serene mornings, where every sip of tea, and every word are savoured deeply.


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